2007 Taylor 5000 carrier mounted drill rig
This rig has a 200,000# capacity and is mounted on a 5-axle carrier. It has the ability to drill direct mud rotary or air lift reverse circulation. It comes with a 750 GPM mud system, using linear motion shakers, a desander and desilter cone assembly, and a Kem-Tron centrifuge.

1998 Speedstar SS-40 trailer mounted drill rig
This rig has a 110,000# capacity and is mounted on a 3 axle trailer. It is a direct mud rotary rig. It is equipped with a 650 GPM mud system with linear motion shakers, a desander, and desilter cone assembly.

1983 Speedstar SS-15 truck-mounted mud rotary rig with 5 ½” x 8’ mud pump and 50 ft. mast.

2008 Pulstar 100,000# pulling rig, capable of pulling the heaviest pumps, mounted on a Peterbilt truck.

1995 Smeal 8T pulling rig mounted on an International truck with capacities to 18,000#.

We also have many backhoes, test pumps, generators to 275KW, and a myriad of other equipment available.