City Drills Two Water Wells; Two More Planned
Posted 11/23/2011
San Augustine will fund the drilling of water wells near the City Lake which will pump groundwater into the lake during times of drought... The water well drilling project, which is already underway, will include upgrading one groundwater well that has been in operation for several years and the drilling of four additional water wells near City Lake.

Two of the new wells have already been drilled near the water treatment plant and should be pumping water into the lake within a few days. Two more wells, located near the City's boat ramp, are scheduled to be drilled in the next few weeks.

According to city officials, the two new wells near the water plant are producing a combined total of about 450 gallons per minute. Combined with the one existing well which is producing about 200 gallons per minute, the city will be able to pump over 900,000 gallons of groundwater per day into the lake. City officials hope the two wells scheduled to be drilled at the city boat ramp will add another 300 to 500 gallons per minute of groundwater production. If the wells at the boat ramp produce 400 gpm, it would mean the city could put more than 1.5 million gallons of groundwater into the lake each day.

City officials say that the current water usage in Stage IV of the Water Conservation Plan is about 550,000 gallons per day compared to about 750,000 gallons per day when there are no water restrictions. Within the next few days, when the two new wells are operational, the water level at City Lake should stabilize and hopefully start to improve. After the two additional wells at the boat ramp are completed, city officials believe the lake level will begin to slowly rise and as it does the current water restrictions will be reduced accordingly. All of the new water wells are being drilled by Russell Drilling Co. in Nacogdoches.
San Augustine Tribune, Thursday, September 29, 2011 Photo by San Augustine Tribune